About us

Casa Tranquila is a beautiful property nestled among 8.5 acres of natural wonders in South Florida, a majestic Italian style villa with unparalleled amenities for you to enjoy during your unforgettable stay, the Villa has been designed for the comfort and enjoyment of visitors and guests.

The Villa has a 3 bedrooms main house, and a 2 bedroom pool house; all rooms have their own bathroom.

Spacious and fully equipped kitchen; formal meeting and dinner rooms; inner courtyard with cozy spaces, library, fireplaces, wet areas (pool, sauna jacuzzi).

Koi fish lake, stables, fountains, diversity of fruit trees and wild animals (peacocks, horses, goats, donkeys, ducks, swans, wild boar).

Guests have access to all areas of the property to enjoy a full and relaxing experience.

Not only is it an ideal place to spend some days of rest, it is also designed to host special celebrations, ceremonies and weddings, thematic events and much more.
Casa Tranquila also offers catering services, event production and logistics and concierge services.

17175 SW 232 Street Redland, FL. 33171.  Phone: 1 (786) 2586754 1 (786) 258 6755
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